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About us

Brand IQ Human Resources and Consulting was founded in 2006 with the primary aim of technical staff selection and placement for Informatics and Telecommunication sectors. 

Brand IQ analyzes your needs rapidly with its experienced staff and knowledge in informatics and telecom, aims to direct candidates beyond your expectations by combining its sector experience with the techniques of selection and placement of professional staff members.

Qualified human resource has become the most indispensable and important strength of companies today.  Companies face with a serious loss of labor force and resource due to the increasing staff circulation and employees from whom they could not gain an exact efficiency by way of easiness and acceleration brought by technology.

In this sense, Brand IQ Human Resources and Consulting addresses to the process of staff selection and placement with a different point of view. 
Candidates to be placed by our specialized staff aware of the sector and its dynamics are examined in terms of their expectations, motivations and knowledge. 
Brand IQ directs candidates who are not only appropriate for the relevant position but also could let you have success by working with you for a long time.


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