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Our Methodology

-Our consultant would visit your firm: Our consultant makes an interview by visiting your firm and analyze the job definition, details of position and qualifications. In this process, right determination of expectations of the director who will make the recruitment is very important. 

-Research Process: Candidates with profile, technical qualifications and wage expectations most suitable for your firm are found in the shortest possible time with head hunting techniques specific to the sector through our special database and communication network by means of the sectoral specialization.

-Recruitment methods specific to each position are applied:
In addition to qualification based interviews, technical interview composed of a detail discussion on technical qualifications and interviews in English, German and French are also held in positions requiring a foreign language. Moreover, our analysis is supported with character inventory tests in required positions.

-Suitable candidates are directed to your firm as soon as possible:
Detailed candidate report and resumes regarding suitable candidates are shared with the firm. One of 2 candidates in average directed by our firm that directs the best candidate in a shortest time with its quality oriented approach in determination of suitable candidates is offered for employment. This success rate is a result of our firm’s principle of “Time is valuable for us”.

-Organization of the Interview:
An interview is organized with firm authorities for suitable candidates in a shortest period and results are followed-up.

-Offer and Reference check process:
Reference check is held by us and consulting is provided for our customer and candidate in the stage of offer for positively concluded candidates. Ratio of rejections for offers of candidates significantly decreases in customers who acquire our support at this stage.

-Performance Follow-up of Candidates After Recruitment:
After our candidate starts working, his/her performance is followed-up. In case of a performance problem for the relevant candidate, previously placed candidate is substituted with a new candidate without receiving a consulting fee.


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