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Tips for Interview

Before Interview;

You should definitely attempt to have as much information as possible about the company before an interview. By this way, you may answer the questions to be asked during the interview in direction of the needs/vision/mission of the company. If you did not make a research about the company, you should not answer by saying as you did. You should go to the interview right on time as far as possible. Going to an interview earlier may create a negative impression as going late. You should definitely notify the firm if you are late or could not attend an interview. You may be included in the blacklist of the company if you fail in attending without a notification. You may prepare for the questions to be asked during the interview.

Some examples of questions you may be asked during an interview;

• What are your future plans?
• Why do you want to work in our company?
• If we hire you, what kind of a plus value you can provide for our company?
• What are your future plans?
• What kind of a job do you prefer?
• Why should we prefer you for this job?

During the Interview;

• Be debonair and cool.
• Shake hands as an indicator of self confidence during the introduction.
• Make an eye contact with the person you are talking during the interview.
• Listen the end of a question do not interrupt it while answering the questions.
• You should shake hands of any person you are introduced and talk by keeping eye contact.
• You should patiently listen the questions and avoid from interrupting others.
• Set your tone of voice properly and answer without hurry.

After the Interview;

• You should thank for being called for the interview in the firm and for meeting them.
• Specify that you are interested in the position by asking some questions about recruitment process/next stage.
• Tell why you are suitable for this position.

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