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Management Consultancy

3.3.1 Qualification Based Human Resources Management Qualification Based Human Resources Planning is the service we provide for firms in the issue of determining long term strategy by identifying the mission of Human Resources department and determining the objectives of the department, then applying SWOT analysis in the current situation.  This service is composed of following steps;

• Preparation of System Development Plan
• Determination of strategic objectives of the company
• Contact Meeting with Senior Management
• Contact Meeting with Mid-Level Managers and All Staff
• Determination of Qualifications
• Comparison of Qualifications
• Applying a pilot study for a department to be determined. Qualification Based Job Analysis & Job Evaluation. Objective of the duty and its position in the organization, main responsibilities, dimensions, internal and external connections, chain of relations and level of knowledge and skills required to reach an acceptable performance level are determined. Qualification Analysis. Consulting is provided in the issue of qualification analysis job-employee harmony examinations. Establishment of a Qualification Model: Consulting support for the work of establishment and implementation of an effective and efficient model that will serve for the aim of most effectively measuring, evaluating and improving human resources of an enterprise in direction of its vision, mission and objectives. Qualification Based Performance Management System: A new performance system evaluated with objective-standardized systems configured completely specific to the firm.


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