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Outsourcing Services

3.4.1 What is Seasonal Staff Procurement?

This is the process of payrolling and hiring any staff required by a firm through Brand IQ Management Consulting for a certain period of time in order to meet work load increased seasonally or in case necessary budget approval may not be obtained for recruitment during a certain project time.


3.4.2 Advantages of Seasonal Staff Procurement

• It prevents disruption of works during the period of obtaining a budget approval for a new staff recruitment.
• It ensures you maintain the number of Department staff members and costs in optimum level with seasonal staff procurement to ensure management of work volume increased in certain periods.
• It prevent disruption of a work in case staff turnover rate is high due to the nature of the sector/job.
• It ensure you easily and rapidly adapt to fast transformations, depression or growth in the sector/economy.

3.4.3 Content of the Service of Outsourcing

• Management of the whole recruitment process.
• Following-up all official procedures from recruitment and arrangement and monitoring of necessary documents and preparation of necessary documents while releasing.
• Arrangement of periodic and indefinite job contracts with employees.

3.4.4 Content of the Service of Payrolling

• Procurement of official documents (medical visit form) required for staff, management of all kinds of SSK (Social Insurance Organization) medical visit, leaves, payroll and staff employment and release details in the name of the company.
• Preparation of statements of employment insurance and registration in SSK, fee calculations like severance and notice pays.
• Provision of consulting in the issue of Labor Laws and their implementations, making necessary warnings, informing about legal implementations and amendments.
• Meeting staff requests within the limits specified by the company related with wage calculations or payroll content.
• Calculation of severance and notice payments for any staff member to be released or retired.

Our services of seasonal staff procurement, outsourcing and payrolling are provided by BRAND IQ Management Consulting.


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