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Why Brand IQ?

Brand IQ Human Resources makes your time valuable by adopting the principle of “Your time is valuable for us”.

*Brand IQ Consultants speak the same technical language with you; Technical recruitment requires a more specific specialization and knowledge compare to other recruitments. Our staff members specialized in technical subject matters speak the same language with you, so you can receive service from a consulting firm you can contact comfortably while talking about the position technically.

*It provides rapid solutions without compromising quality; we provide you the best candidates in a shortest time by means of our sectoral specialization, special database and head hunting techniques.

*Special database, possibility of access for different candidates; Brand IQ HR&Consulting is specialized in field of technical recruitments in Informatics, Telecommunication sector and other sectors. There are more than 2 million candidates in our database, additionally it has the possibility of presenting you different candidates with its communication  network specific to the sector, by this way you are not restricted with your own database and applications directly addressed to you.

*Position specific recruitment methods are implemented; We provide the possibility of analyzing your candidates in different aspects by means of different recruitment techniques like technical interview, qualification based interview, interviews in foreign languages (English, German and French), Role play (used particularly in sales positions) Character-Inventory Test.

*Service and success oriented approach; Brand IQ considers you not as a customer but a business partner. In this sense, it provides 7/24 support when required to ensure success in your projects and serves as the most important business partner in the way for success. Particularly the customers working in field of consulting in the Informatics sector may enter in very important projects with confidence by virtue of this service mentality, they may reach to a fast growth acceleration by positioning human resources in their projects in the right time. 

*It provides solutions specific to the needs of your firm; Recruitment of all departments may be managed centrally when you want to manage recruitment for more than one department or in case of mass recruitments through the BIQ Web Automation, it may ensure fulfillment of all your recruitment processes by Brand IQ under your control, so you may work with your consultant more coordinately.


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